Dave Hollis Went Off the Rails

That Girl Named Carol
3 min readNov 6, 2021

I will openly admit I am not a fan of Rachel Hollis nor a fan of Dave Hollis.

They just seem like a bunch of entitled twats.

Ya, I said it.

I have read a handful of Rachel Hollis books. They have some great stuff in them. The truth is though — her being on the bestsellers list simple has to do with the amount of fans she has connected with for being ‘just like her’.

We have learned this was a lie. (yes college age me watching Maury Povich)

Rachel and Dave got divorced early in the pandemic; which came as a bit of a surprise for a lot of their following. Then all the sudden Rachel was publishing a book.

This was around the time that I checked out of Hollis co.

I have now become a lurker of all the things they do that are just appalling. I mean come on; I am just like everyone else I love the salaciousness of when people do horrible things in the public eye.

Fast forward to Dave Hollis publishing a second book. He got a book deal because … you guessed it, Rachel.

Dave has his social media career because of Rachel. 100%

She amassed a following and got so big that they brought Dave on to help. Together they started doing all sorts of public conferences and events. He started his own social media and gained a following because of her.

Dave published a book and then another book.

I did not spend $18.00 to buy his book. I have zero interest in what his privileged ass has to say. But I am onboard to hear about his public bullying of people to buy his book.

He is making HUGE promises by proclaiming it will change peoples lives and get people jobs. Telling broke American to spend their last dimes to support him sounds a bit like a MLM nightmare. He then went on to say that if you are following him and don’t buy his book you are essentially a piece of shit.

Here is the thing — after watching a recording of his live stream and watching some commentaries one can only assume that the reason he went off the rails is because his book isn’t doing as good as he thought it would.

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