First Rule of Witchyness — Work towards your Manifestations.

That Girl Named Carol
3 min readOct 7, 2021

Okay, what?!

Yes, it is true. You can’t just attempt to manifest your life and make things happen but not actively take steps towards achieving your goals.

A few months ago I had this light bulb moment; I was in my bed looking at my vision board realizing that I had done nothing to actually make the things on my vision board happen.

What was I doing? I have all these things that I dreamed of accomplishing but I wasn’t doing anything to make it happen.

Then it occurred to me; there was some serious thought that needed to go into actually achieve this dream life.

It got me thinking — I do all the manifesting but I never do the planning.

I have noticed I have some areas on my vision board: Career stuff, relationship/friendship stuff, travel stuff, health and lifestyle stuff.


For the last few weeks I have been trying to break down these broad categories of things into achievable little steps.

Take for example I have been wanting to have my own business for awhile but I wasn’t really sure what that was going to be. Then I tapped into my teaching wheelhouse. And now I am working at becoming a full time English teacher from my computer. I have started with a few students and now I have a handful and it is still growing.

This step matters because in order for me to travel out of a van or galavante around the world — I need a source of REMOTE income. (And while we can all aspire to be content creators over night; that is a long term building a following not an overnight explosion of growth).

Anyway, hense — planning.

I have had a significant shift in working towards things that are on my vision board. I am focusing on each catergory and making small calcualted steps.

There has been a significant amount of change in my routine (and I have yet to add in time for writing). I have noticed since the beginning of the pandemic that when things change, I get all emotional and out of sorts.

I am pretty sure I have talked about this before but there is a difference between sitting at home writing…

That Girl Named Carol

Retired barista and globe trottin’ English teacher turned (furloughed) flight attendant who is currently tryna live the dream she created on her vision board.