#Paid — Paying Off The First Debt On The List.

That Girl Named Carol
4 min readFeb 20

Week one, one debt down. It probably won’t always be this quick.

Tune in here(from the beginning) if you want to follow along with this adventure.

A brief catch up — covid crumpled me financially, then I got distracted by a boy and our travel adventures and now I need to get my shit together so I can have more adventures without being stressed by money.

Right after I finished writing that last post I decided that I need to get ontop of my student loan, my repayment assistance finished in February of 2023 and I needed to see what kind of payments I need to make. Basically if you don’t know — if you can’t make your student payments you can apply to assistance from the goverment. I think I have been doing this since 2006. It is time to get real about this. I know long want this debt hanging over me.

The payment is a whooping $400 and right now that seems unsurmountable so I applied for interested relief but then I needed to attach the paystubs with how much I make. I pulled the paystubs and realized that HOLY SHIT — I make more money than I realize.

It is unlikely with that amount of income that I will get interest relief and I will need to budget for another large payment/month. I also realized I am just awful with over spending.

I applied for interest relief anyway — just incase they can lower the payments.

But I also did this:

Things need to be controlled if I want to live some semblance of financial freedom. And that means I need to stop buying stuff I don’t need off Amazon. I have a closet full of Amazon crap that I just end up throwing away or donating. Such a waste of money.

The thing is — we are moving so we can save money/month on rent. It is very expensive to live in Calgary. Then because we are moving we need to downsize. Smaller apartment means less things and because we are selling all sorts of things to clean out to downsize — I am bringing in a small amount of cash. So…

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