Paying Off Debt - 2023

That Girl Named Carol
3 min readFeb 13

The Pandemic Depleted me — now I need to fix it.

Is it the super woke if I say ‘I am with debt instead of I have debt’ ?!

Asking for a friend.

Actually, I am just asking for me because things have creeped up on me again.


I thought being back at my job in aviation would clear up my financial problems because I would be getting consistent income. I would be saving my 20% that would then be matched by my company and in January of 2023 I would be putting a down payment on a condo.

Boy was I wrong.

Things have changed at my job and that is not the case at all.

So, that was an unfortunate lie I told myself. A huge lie. More so a HUGE reality check.

Today I am staring down 2023 like a crazy woman trying to make everything okay and everything alright and the truth is I am drowning financially. I have been drowning financially for the majority of the pandemic and honestly — I need to step into my power.

I have set forth on a ridiculous agenda to pay off all my debt, around 40K worth, in 2 years.


Well — honestly, I want to believe it can be done, I want to believe that on my currently income I can make this happen. All while traveling around with my partner like carefree 20-year-olds, pay for 1000s of dollars’ worth of dental work, get surgery on my feet, buy a better car AND lose the last 30 pounds.


I am just going to manifest the shit out of that. Work my ass off and make SOME HUGE life changes that will affect my personal financial situation for the better.


In the interest of transparency and in the interest of being accountable I am going to list my debts so we can see what I am working with …. (I am scared):

Income Tax Owing: $423.00
Canadian Government Overpayment: $1650.00
High Interest Loan: $9150.00
Student Loan: $296001.00
Visa (revolving): $2000.00 (this changes because I pay and use and pay and use but never pay off)

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