(Un)furloughed and Feeling Fine: My Journey Back to Flight Attendant Life.

That Girl Named Carol
2 min readFeb 25, 2022

I don’t even believe it .. after 2 incredibly difficult years the time has finally come.

I got called back to my job in aviation.

I am taking to the friendly skies.

I am getting my wings back.

I am going to be a flight attendant again.

I am scared and nervous and questioning everything. The airline I was so quickly furlough from is throwing me into a whirlwind rehire storm and everything is happening very quickly.

Like there is so much to do in 10 days I feel so overwhelmed.

I wondered what it would feel like to finally get that email; to finally right the chaos that has happened in my life in the last 2 years.

Crippling depression. Dangerous amounts of anxiety. Loneliness. Feeling lost and unsure. Mindless eating and weight gain. Having NO idea what direction to take things. Thanklessly calling citizens to do an investigation and contact tracing their whereabouts for the CDC and feeling it hurt my mental health but needing the money. Trying again and again to work on creative projects but never having enough energy to complete anything.

I have started blogs and youtube channels and a cookbook and crafting projects — the list is endless. The stacks of unfinished projects is HUGE.

But just last week I got the email requiring me to return to work. Not just requiring but a mandatory return or termination.

Stepping back in aviation after 2 years is a bit surreal. Everything has changed.

Have you seem some of the crazy stuff that flight attendants have dealt with over the last couple of years?

Can we say coffee carafes and duct tape?!

It is madness.

Going back to aviation means I need to give up most of my students. I need to give up all the stuff I worked for.

It’s overwhelming…

I feel like the little butterfly in the cliche about to test out her wings.

My pandemic circle is finally closing. Things are coming full circle and I’m stepping up and stepping in.

What has your pandemic journey been like? Have you changed jobs? Career paths?

I am pretty excited to bring some aviation / flight attendant stories your way.

Throw me a clap if that interests you.

That Girl Named Carol

Retired barista and globe trottin’ English teacher turned (furloughed) flight attendant who is currently tryna live the dream she created on her vision board.