Okay, what?!

Yes, it is true. You can’t just attempt to manifest your life and make things happen but not actively take steps towards achieving your goals.

A few months ago I had this light bulb moment; I was in my bed looking at my vision board realizing that I…

I officially sealed the deal with the school in Eastern Europe and have gotten my first 2 students.


I have a remote job and I am both nervous and excited.

Two students won’t pay my bills but it is definitely a move in the right direction.

It is growth.

IMAGES taken from GabsPetito Instagram (graphic created in Canva by author)

It is all over the news. The crazy, suspicious, unfolding story in the case of the missing Gabby Peitio.

I am so invested in Gabby Petito disappearance. It is such a fascinating 2021 case.

Social media changes everything; documenting things online and being very public can be so helpful and…

It is crazy trendy and kind of a new age way to move forward through life.

We, the people, have ditched religion and started believing in the Universe.

We started believing that we can manifest our dreams.

The thing you need to realize about manifesting is that you actually need…

This is 100% an update on me working on something every day till my life looks like my vision board.

(I realized this last weekend that daily updates wasn’t going to be interesting or worth writing — so I decided that the best way to move forward is to do…

Day 3 turned to shit because I spent all afternoon with the heating pad after hurting myself at the gym but Day 4 … DAY 4 things are happening.

This Is from my Camera Roll — working hard with a heating pad.

The quick recap on day 3: Went to the gym, ate decent food, published a YouTube video, started filming a realistic…

I grew up in a prairie city. I wouldn’t say I know all about farming life, but I know a bit.

I got into tiny houses and alternative housing years ago when I realized that I truly wanted an unconventional life.

Then I started to get really interested in alternative…

Post Gym Selfie and all the things that made today great!

Day two of me doing things to actively achieve something on my vision board.

Okay random reader on Medium — I must share that today was a beautiful day 2 on my mission to get rad.

I took the last few weeks off the gym because I really hurt my…

This is day one of me doing one thing a day to actively further my dreams and knock things of my visions board/bucket list and live a life where I feel fulfilled, full of adventure and on my own terms.

We have all been there, right? You have these HUGE…

I’m about 6 weeks into my new job and tonight I am online searching for vacation rentals in Delray Beach, Florida.

Or maybe Boca Raton.

I’m going to walk you through how I got here. Because isolation has led me to an interesting place.

It is the last day in…

That Girl Named Carol

Retired barista and globe trottin’ English teacher turned (furloughed) flight attendant who is currently tryna live the dream she created on her vision board.

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